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‘Double Down’ Gore

By now you’ve seen or heard about Al Gore’s renewed analogy between fighting the Nazis and fighting climate change (following on his comparison of climate skeptics with Holocaust-deniers). By the way, in looking for links for this post, I notice that Gore’s cheerleaders over at Media Matters think that’s beyond the pale.

Oh, I mean, it is unacceptable to MM when other people make comparisons with Nazis in this context. But Gore’s shtick is fine.

I recall Gore’s appearance at a meeting of conservative activists in Washington in, I believe, January 2007. There he stated with remarkable pomposity the same sentiment, with a slightly more narcissistic twist, very closely paraphrased as: you know, there was another man who saw a gathering storm in the 1930s and fought back when others urged against it.

Since that time, Gore has admitted that he and his name-calling, alarmist, dishonest crusade “has failed.”

So one might think that it would strike him that the above-described approach might not be the best (though it isn’t easy convincing free peoples to cede their liberties without such doomsaying, no doubt). Such is the Gambler’s Dilemma, however, that he sees no other recourse but to double down.
So, Mr. Gore, continue on in your hysteria. As I’ve heard from greens and others on the Left, most everyone but you has figured out it only helps our side.


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