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The “Dr.” in the House

An anonymous reader offers an update on an earlier post:

Chris Horner wrote:
“NOAA wouldn’t answer my question, but only sniffed that if I can point to them claiming Karl has a Ph.D. — as opposed to just promoting him as “Dr. Karl” apparently on the basis of a 2002 honorary doctorate of humane letters — I should tell them.”
It’s on NOAA’s own website, in one of their reports [PDF], and in a press release announcing that report’s release. From June 19, 2008:

This report addresses one of the most frequently asked questions about global warming: what will happen to weather and climate extremes? This synthesis and assessment product examines this question across North America and concludes that we are now witnessing and will increasingly experience more extreme weather and climate events,” said report co-chair Tom Karl, Ph.D., director of NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, N.C.

I hope the issue with Mr. Karl is resolved. Nothing gets my goat more than people misrepresenting their academic achievements. And it’s clear that people believe Karl has a Ph.D, because I see references to his holding the degree on several websites. Properly denoting that the degree is honorary would help prevent this.


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