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From the Washington Examiner on Al Gore’s ”global governance” plan. An excerpt:

It should also be noted that Ken Salazar, Obama’s interior secretary, has effectively slow-walked the bidding process for oil and natural gas exploration on the outer continental shelf along the U.S. coastline, and on federal lands in the West, to a near-halt. The U.S. has more than sufficient untapped oil, coal and natural gas resources to achieve Obama’s endlessly repeated goal of energy independence. The problem is, his actions are putting U.S. energy producers and consumers in a straitjacket, while rivals like Russia, China and India watch in rapt — and enthusiastic — amazement.

Global governance must not take precedent over American sovereignty. Obama should be reminded that his first, sworn duty is to defend American sovereignty as established in the Constitution, rather than relegate authority to countries that have their own interests in mind.

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