Planet Gore

EEEEK!, Reports Newsweek

Just in time for Earth Day at your local supermarket newsstand, Newsweek has published “100 Places to Remember Before They Disappear,” a shrill, apocalyptic, scaremongering photo album of favorite hot spots the world over that are threatened with destruction by global warming.

The lush west coast of Kauai, Hawaii? Ruined.
The Caribbean? Destroyed.
Big Sur, California? Wiped out by wild fires.
Chicago, Illinois? Parched and flooded. (Huh?).
And so on.

“What follows is a list — arbitrary to be sure, and far from all-inclusive,” hyperventilates Fareed Zakaria in the issue’s intro, “of some of the places that could disappear or be radically changed, if climatologists are right in their predictions of global warming.”

Of course, those very climatologists have been deeply discredited by Climategate. But Newsweek won’t tell you that. Might ruin a good horror story.


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