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This Electric Car Runs on Coal

Reader Paul e-mails:

It occurs to me that while the Tesla Roadster, Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt are touted as the coolest, greenest cars around, they are certainly not very green.  According to the DOE’s Energy Information Administration, during 2009 (the last full year for which statistics are available), coal-generated electricity accounted for almost 45% of national electricity consumption, nuclear about 20%, and natural gas about 23%.  So the dominant energy source for the Nissan Leaf will be . . . COAL!

These cars only seem green if one ignores the true source of their motive power.  Shouldn’t the government mandate a bumper sticker along the lines of “This Car Runs on 88% Fossil Fuel and Atomic Power?”  At a minimum shouldn’t Truth-in-Advertising laws require such a disclosure during commercials?

I like it!


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