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Erika Lovley, Welcome to the Show

This piece in Politico yesterday, daring to acknowledge scientific debate about “global warming,” was not about to go untouched by the opprobrium of the Green noise machine, which is dedicated to teaching anyone who dares speak up that it might not be beneficial to their careers.

On cue, aspiring Obama administration climate thug Joe Romm of the Soros-funded Climate Progress – who blamed the Minneapolis bridge collapse on global warming, among other absurdities – and David “Nuremburg-syle trials for those b@$tards” Roberts of Grist did what they’re paid to do: change the subject by attacking the person with names and slurs.


Upon seeing the story yesterday, I wrote the reporter, Erika Lovley (whom I do not know and to whom I have never spoken) to note as much — commenting that, if she knew this going in, she was brave (surely braver than most journos) and if not, well, she should just take what’s about to come her way as instructive. What does it tell you that some people rush to lash out with (typically personal) nastiness at the public expression of ideas of which they do not approve?


After all, while we’re used to the Left’s mindset — that every one of their ideas needs to be a law and tolerance only extends so far as it suits their ideology or biases — as I have demonstrated, there is a remarkable Gang Green that seizes upon all heretical thought or speech and seeks to teach its purveyor a painful lesson.


This is indeed a movement premised on fear – fear of debate, democracy, and science. Their biggest problem is that numbers don’t lie and the public are still allowed to look out the window. So, children: throw your sticks and stones, and take your taxpayer-funded billions to play with computer models to create the scariest future scenarios you can engineer — and the scenarios are engineered — and it still won’t change the fact that the sky is where it always was and there remains no observational evidence to suggest it’s falling.

Life’s tough.


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