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ESA, eat your heart out

As if the existing federal bureaucracies designed or otherwise being used to halt economic development in the name of one environmental “greatest threat” or another weren’t bad enough…

Now that Henry Waxman (D-Hollywood) has tucked a new cause of action for claiming the federal government caused global warming (hello, 9th Circuit!) into the House anti-energy bill (see pp. 291-295) we see, tucked deep into the morass, that it also creates an entire, discrete federal global warming bureaucracy (pp. 363-378). Not only does it authorize untold millions per year for this boondoggle, but actually micromanages allocation of the lucre among constituencies! Dare I suggest that these people don’t think much of the opposition’s ability — or stomach — to oppose?
In short, Waxman’s provision brings the Alien Tort Claims Act domestic, allowing “aggrieved parties” to tap the Treasury for liability for pain and suffering over the horrors of expanded specie habitat in a slightly warmer, wetter world that climate models project — also with a mechansim for funneling taxpayer dollars specifically into carbon offset schemes of the sort that, say, Al Gore is peddling — while the latter provision ensures that the courts cannot escape the alarmist effort to use the National Environmental Policy Act to block all federal projects and even loan guarantees by reason of their possible contribution to the “cumulative effect” of such activities on climate change, as greens are now already aggresively pursuing before our robed wonders.
Take a look at this, but brace yourself. As one colleague has commented in passing this outrage along, it makes the Endagnered Species Act look like child’s play.
A question to our quietly clever friends in Congress: If this is such great shakes and the people are with you etc, why not just show your hand and demand Kyoto ( was signed, you know) or articulation and adoption of its agenda (only John Dingell seems so inclined, which emand for transparency terrifies his brethren)?


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