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Fareed Zakaria Interviews Stephen Chu

Here. An excerpt:

When you look at the cap-and-trade bill that is floating around Congress, is it strong enough to do what you think needs to be done?

This is my belief: Get it going. The Clean Air Act in the early ’90s started slowly. But it got [things] going. The important thing was that the cost ended up being far lower than anybody projected, including the [Environmental Protection Agency], who you might think have a vested interest in trying to lowball the cost. It was four times lower than even the EPA estimate. Once you get it going and start making progress, very clever people start to dream up better solutions. So rather than wait around for a perfect bill that that might be delayed for four or five years, or forever, get it going.

Like Obamacare. Just pass something and keep adding to it later. And as if on cue, analysis that Obama is losing the Left:

As John Kerry (D-Mass.), Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) continue to court industry support for a climate and energy bill, the Senate’s left flank is growing increasingly uneasy.

Last week, 10 senators sent a letter to the trio urging them to drop provisions that would expand offshore drilling. Today, Vermont Independent Bernie Sanders sent Kerry a letter expressing his “deep disappointment with the direction of the current effort.” While he praises Kerry as a “tireless advocate for taking action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” Sanders says he has “serious concerns about provisions that could harm the environment and provide new federal government support for polluters.”

Complaints from the Far Left that a tax-hiking, job-killing bill isn’t far enough to the left? This is the same stuff we read right before health-care reform passed, no? Of course, the GOP had the sense not to collaborate on that one.


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