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Fascinating Glimpse at the Brains Behind the IPCC Report

From the tireless Tom Nelson:

Very revealing talk by the IPCC’s Rutu Dave

Update 2: A related interview with Dave is here (translated from Dutch):

You were only twenty-six when you institute an internationally renowned as the IPCC started working. How did you go?

“The IPCC was a floor above the department where I worked in the National Institute for Health and Environment (RIVM) in Bilthoven. My former boss was working at the IPCC and there was a vacancy, so he asked if I wanted to.” . . .
Dave is at the World Bank carbon finance specialist, say specialist finance and carbon dioxide emissions trading. Her expertise is CO2 emissions and emissions trading. . . .

Dave travels with folders full of figures and tables for developing countries ministers and mayors to show how much money they can earn emissions trading.

Update 1: That was fast. The videos are no longer publicly available.

There was briefly a “part 3″ video, where Dave admits that she was “thrown in” to her IPCC job; her focus had been “trade policy”. To learn about climate, she read some books on a train.


I’d be surprised if these two Rutu Dave videos (below) are still publicly available in six months.
Early on, she mentions that she was not the smartest student in her class, and suggests that the “lot of cute guys that were there in suits” made Model UN meetings interesting.
There’s no indication whatsoever that she knows anything useful about climate science; she praises Al Gore. She’s obviously quite proud of the Nobel Peace Prize that “she” got.
Rutu Dave presents herself as one of five people who wrote the first draft of the most recent IPCC Summary for Policymakers. Revealingly, more than once, she calls it the IPCC Summary OF Policymakers!
She talks about the problems trying to get the Summary approved in four days with language barriers, etc. She said the Chinese “just don’t seem to shut up” and mentions “little tricks” to move things along.
She talks proudly about the IPCC getting “more famous” after Gore’s propaganda movie came out, with media attention from all over. She said she had her choice of going to Bali or to Oslo (for the Nobel ceremony), she chose Bali (mentioning the beaches). She said she’d have chosen Oslo had she known Brad Pitt would be there. Also, someone she knows actually met Uma Thurman!!
Now Rutu Dave works for the World Bank; several times, she says that they are trying to help their clients “make money from climate change“.

YouTube – Rutu Dave as guest speaker at the ISSE

She received her Bachelors degree in Environmental Sciences from the University of East Anglia (UK) in 2000. She was awarded her Masters degree by Wageningen University (Netherlands) in 2002.

YouTube – Rutu Dave speaking about her work with the IPCC. Part 2


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