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The Fight Against Cape Wind Continues

Audra Parker, president and CEO of the Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound, nimbly writes:

Cape Cod congressman Bill Delahunt put it best Wednesday: “Cape Wind is the first offshore wind farm to be built in the wrong place, in the wrong way, stimulating the wrong economies.”
But the congressman is wrong about one thing: This wind farm won’t be built — for all the right reasons.
The Obama administration’s decision is a callous dismissal of all of us on Cape Cod and the Islands — from Native Americans whose religious rights were ignored to environmentalists, fishermen and local businesses.
And, as will be clear when Cape Wind is finally forced to reveal the costs of this project, it shows a complete disregard for Massachusetts ratepayers who will be stuck paying some of the highest electricity bills in the nation to cover the cost of an anti-environmental land grab by a private developer for the right to put 130 massive turbines into 25 square miles of Nantucket Sound.

But this fight is far from over.

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