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Fill ‘Er Up with Solar

Boy, it’s a good thing we know Larry Summers is smarter than he lets on in pushing for Obama’s agenda. It’s an even better thing that most Americans, when pressed, are proving smarter still, recognizing the greens’ agenda for what it is.

From yesterday’s Meet the Press, with the original question included (though with several back-and-forths excluded, since the exchange was as muddled as Summers’ expressed grasp of our energy needs):

MR. GREGORY: I — you bring up near-term economic interests. This is a big, a big factor, and I want to get to that in just a minute. But, actually, I don’t want to let one point go, which is this long-term spending picture, the investment part of the stimulus plan, which the president and you have said “very, very important.” I just want to go back to that point. If the near-term impact is not as great, do you consider repealing any of the longer-term spending given the deficit problem? . . . .

DR. SUMMERS: That’s a hugely important investment in the future. No, the president’s not going to think about repealing substantial increases in solar energy and wind energy which are crucial to reducing our dependence on foreign oil. . . .

Yeah. Those wind- and solar-powered cars are really gonna take off. As if traffic jams aren’t bad enough when the weather doesn’t cooperate! Or is it that you think we get our electricity from oil? Help me, Larry.

I’m sure David Gregory was too focused on his planned line of questioning to consider deviating with an appropriate reaction, like say


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