Planet Gore

Fur Is Making a Fashion Comeback

You can almost hear the cries of those tiny woodland creatures, “But Al Gore promised us it would be warmer!” WSJ:

In fact, after nearly disappearing during the height of the recession, the warmest material of all — fur — is making a high-profile comeback at the weeklong parade of fashion shows that kicked off Thursday. Designers including Catherine Malandrino, Alexander Wang, Rebecca Taylor, Diane von Furstenberg and Zac Posen have incorporated furs and fleeces, ranging from Himalayan fox and sable to Mongolian lamb and goat, into their lines.

Furs were featured in collars and trim, knitted into sweaters, dyed, or sewn together with fabric or leather, as in an elegant coat that Carolina Herrera showed Monday morning at Manhattan’s Bryant Park.

“Fall is a very luxurious season. Cashmere, tweed, mohair and fur, all of these feel wonderful to the touch and look well mixed together,” Ms. Herrera said in an email after her show.

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