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Gasping and Flailing

Just in from a run, during which I was listening to a local talk show (1070-AM, WINA . . . go here to see if they post this interview). My Congressman, freshman Tom Periello (D., VA), was defending his vote for the Waxman-Markey global-warming tax. In doing so, he provided the strongest argument I have seen yet for adopting a system allowing for parliamentary-style debate. Or, if you are unable to manage the issues on which you vote, against such a system.
He stated that people who think that this bill and its mandates will kill jobs rather than create them aren’t living in the real world. You see, in the real world, we are already “hemorrhaging jobs” to India and China because – wait for it — those countries have already done these things!

I was still recovering from this one, when I was treated to a dizzying pirouette soon after: The co-host asked Periello if he really thinks China, for example, will follow the U.S. lead on a carbon tax when they don’t seem to believe in global warming. Periello responded that it wasn’t so much a lack of believing, but a lack of caring — that’s why the Chinese haven’t done what Congress has already done, allowing them to steal our jobs. He then pivoted and said those jobs were lost because people turned the economy down by buying things on credit.
And so on. Defending whatever you do as right? Critical. Facts . . . not so much. But what a gem. As I say, see if they post this (surely against his office’s protestations). You’ve got to listen to the whole thing. The Dems had better hope Sens. Webb and Warner do a little better if they try to pull off the same vote to the detriment of their constituents. The rules of the Senate are at least slightly more accommodating to drawing attention to such deep thought.


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