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Geologist slams IPCC methods as “fiction”

Calling IPCC methodology “fiction,” a leading international geologist and former expert IPCC reviewer has slammed the lack of geologic knowledge among IPCC scientists reports columnist Lawrence Solomon in the July 7 edition of Canada’s National Post.

“The IPCC needs a lesson in geology to avoid making fundamental mistakes,” Tom V. Segalstad, head of the Geological Museum at the University of Oslo. “Most leading geologists, throughout the world, know that the IPCC’s view of Earth processes are implausible if not impossible.”

Segalstad joins a growing list of scientists who have publicly condemned the IPCC for faulty science. Christopher Landsea, a hurricane expert with the Atlantic Oceanographic & Meteorological Laboratory, resigned from the IPCC in 2005 as protest against the politicization of his research.

Such climatology controversy has been ignored by the MSM.


The Post column reports that the hypothetical results from climate models on carbon dioxide’s longevity in the atmosphere cannot be duplicated in the real world. In other words, the IPCC has no proof.


“They don’t even try,” says Prof. Segalstad. “They simply dismiss evidence that is, for all intents and purposes, irrefutable. Instead, they substitute their faith, constructing a kind of science fiction or fantasy world in the process. The IPCC postulates an atmospheric doubling of CO2, meaning that the oceans would need to receive 50 times more CO2 to obtain chemical equilibrium. This total of 51 times the present amount of carbon in atmospheric CO2 exceeds the known reserves of fossil carbon – it represents more carbon than exists in all the coal, gas, and oil that we can exploit anywhere in the world.”

The full text of the Post article is here (registration required).


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