Planet Gore

Get a Load of Current TV

Al Gore’s Current TV begins the layoffs. Is anyone surprised Current is going the way of Air America?

As with most of Al Gore’s investments, it will take massive government interference in the market to put a spark into Current: just as he needs cap-and-trade legislation to make his carbon-offset racket work, Current needs a Fairness Doctrine to, say, force the Fox News website to host Current content on a “digital sidewalk” in its margins. Not that anyone will watch Current then, either — but at least Al can argue that he’s reaching all of Fox’s eyeballs.
Perhaps the Goracle needs to make more appearances on Current to keep the juice flowing — like the one below. Al starts talking about man-made global warming at the eight-minute mark or so. It’s highly entertaining [hat-tip to Tom Nelson.] Perhaps in his next Current segment, we can watch as Gort returns to his home planet.


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