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Gingrich: Hey, Let’s Get Rid of the EPA


Former House Speaker and possible 2012 candidate Newt Gingrich called for abolishing the Environmental Protection Agency in a Tuesday speech in Iowa.

In an address at the Renewable Fuels Summit, Gingrich told attendees—including Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, a key figure in the state’s first-in-nation Republican presidential caucuses – that the EPA should be replaced with a new “Environmental Solutions Agency.”

The replacement agency “would encourage innovation, incentivize success and emphasize sound science and new technology over bureaucracy, regulation, litigation and restrictions on American energy,” according to materials provided by Gingrich aide Rick Tyler.

Um, no. How about stripping all of the politicization out of the current EPA and have it focus on a simplified mission? We don’t need another bureaucracy, even though Gingrich won’t call his ESA that, to “incentivize success.”


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