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Global Warming Strikes Britain, Cont.

But Al Gore promised! New York Times:

LONDON — If there were a contest for the worst weather-related suffering in Britain in the last few days, who would win?

Would it be the drivers who abandoned their cars on the M5 highway and took their chances through driving sleet and unfamiliar snow banks? The Eurostar passengers lined up around the block for seven hours in freezing temperatures on Monday and again on Tuesday for the whisper of a possibility of a journey out? The people who have been sleeping on their suitcases at Heathrow Airport since Saturday?

Or maybe it would be someone like 70-year-old Frida Williams, who ventured out here on Monday after staying at home all weekend on account of her street’s having turned into a deadly ice rink that has not been sanded, salted, plowed or, apparently, addressed in any way.

“They’re never prepared for anything, are they?” said a cross Mrs. Williams, waiting for a bus in West London and contemplating the usual effect of snow and ice on her country: panic leading to chaos leading to recrimination.

The rest here.

And in other global warming news, here’s a great video of meteorologist Joe Bastardi, via The Daily Caller, warning England to expect more cold temperatures, as well as an explanation of why global warming does not cause said cold temperatures. Enjoy:



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