Planet Gore

Global Warming vs. “Heavy Snow”

I love this headline in today’s New York Times:

Heavy Snow Takes Britons by Surprise

Britons are quite eager to believe the apocalyptic predictions of Al Gore, but when a weatherman says, “hey, it’s going to snow,” they’re caught off guard.  From the article:

Cars parked outside homes were covered with around five inches of snow in London, but some south-eastern areas recorded twice that amount. A handful of hardy commuters ventured forth under umbrellas, but the capital’s transit system ground to a halt without buses and with many delays on the network of subway trains, known as the Tube. . . .

The mayor of London, Boris Johnson, suspended the $11 congestion charge for motorists driving into London on Monday, and described the weather as some of the most challenging conditions London has faced in two decades, The A.P. reported.

“It is vital that we all pull together and pool resources to get London through this difficult situation,” Mr. Johnson said in an e-mailed statement.

To paraphrase Churchill: “We’ll fight the five inches of snow in the air, we’ll fight the five inches of snow in the water, we’ll fight the five inches of snow on the beaches, we’ll fight the five inches of snow from the cliffs, we’ll never, never surrender.”


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