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Global Warming/Climate Change Responsible for the D.C. Thunderstorm?

Of course! Washington Post:

As the intensity of the heat wave, without reservation, was a key factor in the destructiveness of this derecho event – it raises the question about the possible role of manmade climate warming (from elevated greenhouse concentrations). It’s a complicated, controversial question, but one that scientists will surely grapple with in case studies of this rare, extraordinary event.

But from earlier in the same piece:

This kind of fast-moving, long-lived, large, and violent thunderstorm complex is known as a derecho.

Derechos are most common in the Midwest and Great Lakes between May and July. The National Weather Service indicates they occur about once every four years in the D.C. area.

Once every four years now classified as “rare” and “extraordinary?”

And as a reminder:

How global warming contributed to the snow

Remember kids, global warming can do anything your imagination can dream up. Anything.