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Good News: Senate Climate Bill to Go Nowhere

I mean, how could it? This is about warming, right? And not just about getting a long-held wish-list enacted? Because on the warming front, there’s only good tidings from Team Watts, who have finished their canvassing of Nevada’s surface temperature stations — including Harry Reid’s home town of Searchlight, host to one of Nevada’s 14 lonely sensors.

We can breathe a sigh of relief that eco-socialism – National Environmentalism, choose the -ism you think best fits — isn’t likely to be championed by the pride of that tiny Nevada town, now that its very own data confirms that it is cooler there since George W. Bush took office. And is cooler than when Clinton-Gore took office. Or when Ronald Reagan took office. Or when Reid was a Nevada boxing commissioner (ok, he was the gaming commissioner, but the Burns quote is just too much to pass up) . . .

And this measurable cooling comes despite the fact that Searchlight’s instruments are, well, not exactly a model of regulation siting.
Note below the sensor’s proximity to a stretch of parking-lot tarmac — which will skew temperature readings higher than they would be if the sensor were sited appropriately. (And this poor siting is all-too consistent with what Anthony Watts and the gang over at have discovered elsewhere). Moments like this make it all worthwhile.

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