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Goracle trainee lesson 2: Don’t debate

I’ve no doubt our Chris Horner won the night in his Michigan State climate debate, especially since his green opponent, Peter Sinclair, violated the Second Gore Rule of debating climate change: Don’t debate. (The first rule being all skeptics are paid Exxon whores.)


Gore himself has famously resisted public discussion. “Ninety-eight percent” of scientists agree man is driving warming, he has absurdly claimed as far back as 1992’s Earth in the Balance. Ipso facto, the debate is over.


I have prodded, via an online Detroit News forum, MSU School of Journalism teacher and Gore trainee Bonnie Bucqueroux to hold a global warming debate for her program’s students. She refuses, sticking close to her mentor’s script:


“Face it, Henry, the boat has sailed on the argument that the climate isn’t changing — or that, if it is, the problems are not caused in large part by us. I have no desire to urge MSU to hold a phony ‘debate’ on ‘Global warming, pro and con,’ anymore than I would urge them to sponsor one on ‘The earth, round or flat?’ The place to put all of our energies is in finding solutions.”


 With faculty like this, no wonder today’s journalism grads are so ill-informed.


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