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The Gore Effect’s Further Effects

Greg Pollowitz and I had a chuckle about this last night. Grist is concerned about the Gore Effect.

It is merely an anecdote, that D.C. is taking a wintry beating as Al Gore is due in town.

But anecdotes work, just as do public relations and advertising, logical or not.
This one PR-fiasco will not up-end Al Gore, but each does erode a bit more of his political capital.
The recent Pew survey showing a low priority for global warming with the public can be seen as the effects of a few too many anecdotes over the last year or two.

The hypocrisy here is delicious. Not a hot year, summer, or month has gone by without it being touted by Al and his allies as evidence of global warming–even deadly wildfires and tropical storms have routinely been ghoulish grist for Gore and Hansen’s anecdotal mill.
What’s more, Gore’s entire movement started out with an anecdote: James Hansen delivering his “we’re doomed by warming” testimony before Al Gore’s committee in 1988 on one of the hottest days of the year–with the air-conditioning off.
The events of that hot day was even less than an anecdote–the shenanigans with the AC allowed Hansen’s media opportunity to show him mopping his sweaty head–they were manufactured (like his subsequent data occasionally have been). That was “stagecraft“ (as Chris Horner has noted), which is a few rungs below anecdote on the truth ladder.
Well, Gaia’s got some stagecraft for Al Gore. The Goracle can’t pick a day that doesn’t feature blizzard conditions to testify before Congress. And we’re supposed to buy his forecast 3,000 years from now?


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