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Granholm’s SciFi-nomics

Detroit, Mich. – Greg Pollowitz’s hilarious post on Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm Thursday is proof that the only reason Obama’s Michigan economic-policy advisor isn’t mocked for being far more clueless than Sarah Palin because the MSM doesn’t cover the nonsense that falls from Democrats’ lips.
Pollowitz rightly ridiculed Granholm for claiming that home appliances will soon be run by your car. Her comments came in a column for in which she defended a multi-billion bailout for the U.S. auto industry because American carmakers will “lead the way to energy independence.”

“How? The car you drive will soon be the storage unit for all your energy needs,” she explained. “Your home, your car, your appliances can all be powered through the advanced battery that will sit inside your plug-in electric vehicle.”
Responded Pollowitz: “Is there anyone in America who actually believes this? What happens to my refrigerator when I’m driving my car to work?”

The governor’s flight of sci-fi fantasy was no doubt the product of her annual whirlwind tour of the Detroit International Auto Show in which auto execs try to wow politicians and their media trains with the most gee-whiz technology from their R&D labs.

Granholm apparently was making reference to hydrogen fuel cells which research scientists say may one day be able to power homes. But experts say that, given the expense of these devices, such talk makes better science fiction than a practical energy policy. Moreover, Michigan’s governor seemed to be confusing such portable units with those in experimental hydrogen vehicles.

Science fiction energy policy. Coming soon to a White House near you.


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