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A Great Question

Ed’s post below, and mine yesterday about Coal-Bucket Joe, highlight how we could use some clarification from the candidates on coal. Specifically, each should be asked whether they support Al Gore’s call for civil disobedience to block construction of the 28 coal plants already underway in the U.S.

If Sen. McCain can break away from the Clinton confab — but before he then suspends his campaign — then possibly he, too, could answer. Gov. Palin would round out the crowd.
There are no sure things in life, and I won’t take even Gov. Palin’s answer as a given now that the campaign has assigned her former Environmental Defense consultant Tucker Eskew — who I understand spent some time down South drumming up global-warming alarm in at least one critical primary state. I find it hard to believe that this move was the good Governor’s doing, after this past few days of McCain working overtime to re-dispirit those of us heartened by his judgment in selecting Palin.
As Ed also noted, this is actually a key issue of Trial Lawyers, Inc. and I recall that possible McCain cabinet member Andrew Cuomo has been active from his perch as New York Attorney General. Recently, after I FOIA’d his office for documents relating to possible climate-based lawsuits against energy companies, I predicted on Glenn Beck’s radio show that one result of my being so nosy could be expedited action against energy companies, which would ensure any such documents were kept from prying eyes on the grounds that it was now an ongoing matter. As luck would have it, Cuomo did indeed move against energy companies, with a slightly different tack than I suspected, within days. This adds another wrinkle to the discussion, now that his name has been floated and these issues elevated.
Maybe a robust discussion on the future of coal plants in the U.S., starting with Gore’s call for disruptive protests, would be a tonic. Maybe.

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