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The Green Church Seeks Dominion Over Your Home

“Did you know that your home can cause twice the greenhouse gas emissions of your car?”

So says the EPA’s new Energy radio ad campaign, currently running in Michigan. The EPA is already strangling automakers with new 35 mpg-by-2015 emissions standards which will cost billions, and there are no prizes for guessing at what the agency’s next emissions standards crusade will be aimed. The Green Church’s commercial kindly advises us how we can eliminate the “pollution” caused by our homes. (That is, the inert and sinful carbon byproduct of electricity use, which we also happen to exhale.) Another ad urges us “to take the change of life pledge” and to “join a growing movement.”

It omits the injunction to go to Green confessional every week, but this is no doubt an oversight that will be fixed in future iterations.

The campaign is a product of the billions of dollars doled out by the stimulus in an attempt to transform Americans into good Green Church members. Such attempts are becoming increasingly prevalent: The Motor City Times recently highlighted EPA spending specifically intended to indoctrinate kids into the green warriors mindset, and millions more dollars have been doled out to Michigan developers and homebuilder as “investments” (read, federal spending) to “prevent the emissions of 12 million metric tons of greenhouse gases, equivalent to eliminating the emissions from 8 million vehicles.”

View this EnergyStar national ad here:


So what’s next? Think federal footprint standards for homes — similar to the CAFE standards automakers are required to meet for automobiles. Appliance standards, material standards, light bulb standards, and so on, are already driving up the cost of new homes. And the EPA’s Energy Star program is twisting the arms of giant corporations like Whirlpool and Ford Motor to force backend appliance and building mandates. All in the name of the EPA’s religious mantra “to reduce fossil fuel emissions and to create and retain jobs.”

The octopus grows ever larger.

Henry Payne — Henry Payne is the auto critic for the Detroit News.

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