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Green cities ban bottled water

Bottled water is the latest casualty of the Green jihad.
The posh health set, which once made bottled water fashionable, has now turned on the earth’s natural springs as the Green religion has become the latest fad. Ann Arbor, Michigan’s leftist city council in June joined a growing list of cities like San Francisco and Salt Lake City that seek to promote tap water as more eco-friendly.
ABC News – which, like Newsweek, MSNBC, and other MSM, now runs regular propaganda segments lecturing listeners on “going green” – applauded the anti-bottle movement in a segment this week. It seems bottled water commits the earthly sin of being shipped from places like France – a process that burns fuel. “Even before you drink (a) bottle of French water,” warns ABC, “you’ve already consumed 2 oz. of oil.”
Most objectionable to greens, however, is the “bottled” part of bottled water. Bottles are made from plastic – another petroleum-based product – and, according to activists, only 20 percent of them get recycled. Ann Arbor’s city council is also concerned that bottled water undermines confidence in government-run city tap water, which in turn could lead to – horrors! – privatization. “Continuing to bottle water from non-renewable sources is dangerous to Michigan’s ecology and counter to the principles of a Green Society,” concludes the council resolution.
As for ABC, it ended its report by finding former bottled water addicts don’t miss their drug. Jumping on the ban bandwagon, says ABC, is “a small concession in the effort to kick the bottle.”


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