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“Green-on-Green Violence”

Steve Milloy had a hilarious item yesterday that provided an early taste of what was inevitable among the greens at some point: When it comes time to split up the loot, thieves always fall out. More precisely, a flamboyantly absolutist greenie group has invaded the high-rent digs of corporatist greenies Environmental Defense. Wearing signs that read “Carbon trading is an environmental offense” and “Keep the cap, ditch the trade” (there’s a revealing sentiment), they burst into ED offices to rearrange the furniture — yo know, because cap-and-trade is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic — and to make the point that they disagree with ED pushing the corporate rent-seekers’ line.
But, silly, the corporate rent-seeking community is the lone constituency of any political consequence for the carbon-regulation movement; without them, the entire enterprise collapses. At some point the greens are going to remember they’re gonna have to dance with the one that brung ’em, or this thing’s as dead as it was until Ken Lay and John Browne (BP) decided they could make a lot of money off the scare.
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