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Green Job Rhetoric, Meet Carbon-Cap Reality

It certainly seems incongruent to witness the candidates ever so quietly promoting their plans to address the greatest threat facing mankind, burying nonspecific throwaway lines in speeches given when they know lots of people are watching. Not much talk out of either of them at their respective conventions, when they had massive, rapt audiences. Strange.


Oh, sure, they’ve had their campaigns issue some stock answers to the occasional questions, but they aren’t drawing attention to their ideas about this menace that is supposedly far greater than anything being visited on the U.S. economy by Wall Street, hurricanes, Russia, or terrorists (to say nothing of Capitol Hill).


So the void is filled by happy talk from advocates, like Team Soros and the helpful academics whom they engaged to draft a report telling us about the bags of money that await us when we mandate putting pixie dust and moonbeams in our tanks and transmission lines. Nothing like starting a meme and essentially daring candidates to reject th promised prosperity.


On a completely unrelated note, Angela Merkel has warned that the McCain and Obama EU climate-policy plan will lead to rising unemployment and must be scrapped.


So, who you gonna believe? Some lifestyle and ideological nags, or Europe which is now being pressed to put their unemployment lines where their rhetoric is? The world leaders in renewable energy, Spain and Germany, also happen by mere coincidence (unless you listen to the people operating under these mandates, that is) to be in recession, and they would like to avoid deepening it. We aren’t in a recession, and we would like to keep it that way – but if the House had its way, we would be racing Europe to the bottom. As if our economy needed any more ballast at the moment.


The Euros are backing off of their asserted emissions-reduction plan in the face of economic hardship on the grounds of its massive cost (not benefit) to the economy, that it harms efficiency and threatens massive production gaps. Rather than force prices down (as McCain advisor Carly Fiorina implausibly argued during a late-afternoon convention speech largely out of the public eye), people a little closer to carbon caps in action are now complaining that “there will be a tsunami of power price hikes as a consequence, which could threaten investment plans, our industry’s competitiveness and jobs.” (Subtly titled Reuters article: “EU’s CO2 plans a cost disaster: German industry.”) It has so far; precisely why are we supposed to believe it would not continue to do so?


See, already Europe is scrambling to issue more free ration coupons to allow their industries to work around renewable mandates and CO2 rationing in order for their companies to compete in the global marketplace. Need one spell out what that tells us? (Article: “Steel, aluminum need aid in EU carbon plan: study.”) Meanwhile, both U.S. presidential candidates complain about offshoring of manufacturing jobs.


If millions of “green jobs” are right around the corner, just waiting for America to embrace clean, renewable  energy, why hasnt this miracle already occurred in Spain and Germany? Hmm?


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