Planet Gore

Green Is the New Crimson?

Yes, Greg: my alma mater has definitely doubled down on carbon catastrophism. Here’s an e-mail that Harvard’s president recently sent to the university community:

Global climate change has emerged as one of the salient challenges of our time, and we have a rising responsibility to address that challenge both in what we study and in how we work and live. This summer, drawing on the thoughtful report of a task force chaired by Professor William Clark of the Kennedy School, I announced that Harvard will intensify its efforts to achieve major reductions in its greenhouse gas emissions, as part of a broader commitment to environmental sustainability. . . .
At the same time, as we seek to curtail our collective carbon footprint, we must consider how teaching and research across the Schools — building on the work of the University Center for the Environment and other key players — can help us better understand and confront the challenges of sustainability, energy, and environmental change not just on our own campus but well beyond. Every one of us has a stake in the outcome of these efforts — and a role to play in their success.

What was that someone once said about preferring to be governed by the first 2,000 names in the Boston phonebook . . . ?



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