Planet Gore

The HAL Gore 9000?

What happens when a professor from Stanford and a manager at Google team up to save Detroit?
Four poorly thought out ideas via the New York Times oped page . . .
Let’s review:

1.  Car-to-car wireless networks to prevent traffic and accidents.

Me:  Let me know when they perfect the wireless connection from my kitchen to my bedroom, then let’s talk.

2.  Robotic cars

Me:  “Open the passenger side door, HAL!”

3.  Go electric — vehicles covered in solar cells and cars with swappable batteries.

Me:  Maybe Detroit can copy Toyota and Nissan with these revolutionary ideas. (And it would be nice if a geologist from Stanford would weigh in eventually to let us know where we are going to get all the metals needed for all these batteries).
4.  Internet in the car

Me:  Which will immediately be banned from use while driving, as with cell phones, text messaging, etc.
All neat gimmicks, but the question of how to solve Detroit’s real problem — how to build cars that sell at a profit — goes unanswered.


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