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Hansen: Still a Media Darling

A month ago, Planet Gore reported that NASA climatologist James Hansen, a leading voice in proclaiming man’s role in climate change and a close advisor of Al Gore, had sided with the radical environmental group Greenpeace in advocating eco-vandalism to save the planet.


Hansen’s controversial testimony at a London trial in support of activists accused of causing $60,000 in property damage to an English coal facility brought immediate condemnation from some in the science community. “The ramifications are huge,” wrote Iain Murray, an environmental-science expert with the Competitive Enterprise Institute. “Operators of coal-fired power stations in the U. K. have just been stripped of legal protection from the criminal actions of the environmental lobby.”

Meteorologist Anthony Watts called for Hansen’s resignation, writing that “siding with vandalism is an inappropriate abuse of (his) position. Dr. Hansen has violated the code of (NASA) ethics.”
But Hansen’s radical turn was almost completely blacked out by the Mainstream Media.
A review of the nation’s top newspapers, magazines, and TV news broadcasts – The New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Time, Newsweek, and all three broadcast networks — finds that not a single story was filed on the subject, effectively shielding the environmental movement from questions concerning one of its leading scientists.


Absent any press coverage, top green advocates have managed to avoid the Hansen issue. Only the Sierra Club — which just last year teamed with Hansen on a report laying out plans for dramatically reducing U.S. carbon emissions – commented, and even then issued only a terse statement that avoided any mention of the their NASA ally, saying:  “We don’t advocate destruction of property.”


The Natural Resources Defense Council and Gore himself did not return repeated phone calls.


Absent any sanction for his conduct, then, Hansen is still granted star treatment by a press corps determined to pawn Hansen off to the public as a mainstream scientist. An October 16 McClatchy News Service story referenced Hansen as a top source in a story widely reprinted in the U.S. media. Entitled “Climate change: Scientists say the next president needs to act,” the story declared that “scientists say the next president must take action on climate change . . . because (CO2’s) accumulation threatens to bring rising seas, mass extinction of plants and animals, and more hunger, disease and natural disasters.”

Such alarmism has been challenged by a a growing body of scientific evidence as well as economic studies that have shown the costs of mitigating climate change outweigh its benefits.
But the MSM have ignored these inconvenient truths as completely as they have the controversy surrounding Hansen.


McClatchy’s story quoted Hansen as if he had never testified in support of vandalism. “NASA climate scientist James Hansen recently said that the next president and Congress ‘must define a course next year in which the United States exerts leadership commensurate with our responsibility for the present dangerous situation,’ McClatchy approvingly reported.


And if that course includes destructive acts of property damage, you can be sure the MSM won’t let us know.


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