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Hansen, Witness for the Indefensible

Check out Henry Payne on the home page discussing James Hansen’s role in the acquittal of the Kingsnorth Six.
Planet Gore regular Navy Bob thinks, pace Iain, that firing Hansen would be a fine idea.

What’s truly spectacularly stupid is the way the administration, industry officials, and especially the quisling Republican party have played a continual, spineless, backpedaling defense against the enviro-socialist offense, giving ground like the French army.
The best defense is a good offense. Bush should first prepare a detailed, scientifically sound prosecutorial brief against Hansen’s number-fudging and lies (à la Climate Audit), fire him (as a lame duck after the election to avoid muddying the waters) and then launch an unrelenting assault against him and his international socialist allies. The entire greenhouse superstructure would collapse like a house of cards under a truly aggressive attack.
Palin has already shown that unashamed conservatism is a winner and that a majority of Americans are just waiting for a strong leader to follow. If Republicans win the election, the deck is cleared for Sarah to convince McCain what an idiot he is about global warming. If Democrats win, it won’t matter what happens.

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