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Has ‘Richard Windsor’ Been a Bad Girl?

Possibly the most disturbing aspect of the whole EPA “alias” email account operation – which I uncovered while writing my new book The Liberal War on on Transparency – isn’t the whole invented-by-Carol-I-didn’t-use-email-Browner thing. No, it’s an element screaming out for Steynian attention: The fact that the first or second thing that comes up when searching for Lisa Jackson’s alias of choice, Richard Windsor, is, um, Richard Windsor’s website.  

It is dedicated to, shall we say, a certain fetishistic discipline (purists of one sort of the other will no doubt quibble with my characterization). But as more than one person has commented to me, surely there’s some metaphor for the EPA and its relationship to Americans? You’ve been naughty, using abundant and reliable energy sources to create wealth, and you must be punished. 

Or maybe the tie-in to a forum for all the latest in “sorority spanking” has more to do with the Jackson-Browner sisterhood, singing their pledge to America’s industrial fraternity on the front patios of courthouses across the land?

Anyway, I’m off to scour the EPA’s Lotus Notes directory (more news on that front today!) for “Mistress Lucrezia.” How my eyes have been opened by researching this book; my sheltered existence had left me barren of encounters with headlines such as “Canada’s famous dominatrix”, before this.

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