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The Heat Is on GE’s Jeffrey Immelt

Dick Armey’s Freedomworks and the Free Enterprise project are targeting President Obama’s new jobs czar, Jeffrey Immelt. An excerpt from the press release:

Washington, DC- Last Friday, President Obama selected General Electric Chief Executive Jeffery Immelt to chair the newly created President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. Obama and Immelt released statements claiming the new council would “put our economy into overdrive,” boosting economic growth, job creation, and global competition.

President Obama’s latest executive appointment is crony corporatism in its purest form. FreedomWorks and the Free Enterprise Project believe that Jeffrey Immelt will use the Council to continue lobbying on behalf of rent-seeking General Electric, and to restrict its competitors in the marketplace. To expose this case of special interest politics, both organizations are launching a nationwide educational campaign including online video ads, and an online petition to fire Jeffery Immelt. A cable TV ad buy is also being planned.

FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe commented, “It’s time to break up the unethical romance between government and big business. For too long, corporate elites have lobbied to profit from the size and growth of government at the expense of hard-working Americans. We’re here to let President Obama and Jeffery Immelt know that the days of easy money through backroom deals are over.”

And here’s a video they have up. Good stuff:



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