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Henrik Fisker Quits as Head of Fisker

Via the National Legal and Policy Center:

In the end, even Al Gore, Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Bieber, Jay Leno, former Chrysler andGeneral Motors execs, billionaire Silicon Valley venture capitalists, generous California government incentive givers, Delawaresubsidizers, and President Obama’sDepartment of Energy investment arm couldn’t overcome the dud that was the $102,000-plus Fisker Karma.

And now as the company desperately seeks for cash and/or a rescuer – probably in China – a disagreement arose between Fisker’s founder and its top management. So the man for whom the company was named, Henrik Fisker, quit. The Los Angeles Times and dozens of other outlets reported yesterday that Mr. Fisker left over disputes about “direction” for the company, citing “several major disagreements.”

But Automotive News seemed to have the inside track on the Danish designer’s thinking, after it was able to obtain an email interview.

“I’m proud of having brought the first luxury plug-in hybrid to market under my leadership,” Mr. Fisker told the industry publication. “Despite the difficulties, and setbacks, more than many big car companies have to face, Fisker Automotive tackled the issues head on and managed to sell more than 2,000 cars to date.”

“I have driven many luxury cars on a day to day basis. I still find the Fisker Karma the best day-to-day car I have ever had,” he added.

Unfortunately the land is littered with the failed carcasses of former business start-up executives who were “proud” of what they accomplished and the fact that they faced problems “head-on.” They leave out the fact that the problems are the windshields and they are the bugs.

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