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Here Comes the Climate Czarina

I read that former Clinton-Gore EPA administrator Carol Browner “is likely to be picked by President-elect Barack Obama to take on a newly created position overseeing energy, climate and environmental issues, Democratic aides said.” This is a soft-peddling of the much-touted “climate czar” position (perhaps Czarina didn’t sound too good, all things considered about the candidate).


Since leaving government she has been making money with Madeleine’s Albright Group, which boasts that “She also serves on the board of several non-profit organizations, including as chair of the National Audubon Society, one of the nation’s oldest environmental organizations, and as a member of the Board of the Directors for the Center for American Progress, the Alliance for Climate Protection and the League of Conservation voters.”


Well, she has other relevant experience in addition to advancing the Soros agenda and cozying up to and being funded by green rent-seekers (though I admit the Albright Group “are secretive about their clients” . . . is there a confirmation process for this position?). She oversaw the most expensive regulation in our nation’s history (“PM/ozone”), one premised on junk science (the Information Quality Act was passed in response). What’s more, she engaged in some by now rather familiar behavior.

“[I]n sworn testimony to Congress in 1997, [Clinton’s EPA administrator Carol Browner] told a different story. The standards are ‘not about outdoor barbecues and lawn mowers,’ she testified, smearing such assertions as ‘junk science’ and ‘scare tactics.’ Said Browner: ‘They are fake. They are wrong. They are manipulative.’ Frank O’Donnell, then-executive director of the Clean Air Trust, called talk of regulating lawn mowers ‘crazed propaganda.’”

The critics, of course, turned out to have been telling the truth.

She is a perfect fit for this issue and this job.


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