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Hey Colorado: McCain Wants to Steal Your Water

Still more willful distortions from Obama surrogates — this time, in Colorado.
The background is here. Note, the ad below from the League of Conservation Voters, accusing McCain of water theft, uses both McCain’s first statement about renegotiating the Colorado River Compact, and then selectively quotes his clarification of the statement (“Thank you for the water. Thank you for the water. Thank you for the water”). Of course, “renegotiation” does not mean “take more water”:

Planet Gore readers will want to note that the Colorado River Compact was based on bad science in the first place. As the New York Times reported in 2007:

The panel, organized by the National Research Council, the research arm of the National Academy of Science, noted that the water allocation agreement for the basin, the Colorado River Compact, was negotiated in 1922 based on river flow records dating to the 1890s, when gauging stations were established. The agreement assumed that the annual river flow was 16.4 million acre feet – enough to cover 16.4 million acres to a depth of one foot.

But for some time, the panel said, researchers have known that the early 20th century was unusually wet and that 15 million acre feet was a more accurate estimate of the flow. Recent studies based on tree rings put the figure lower still — as low as 13 million acre feet – and suggest that “drought episodes are a recurrent and integral feature of the region’s climate.”

Not drought caused by global warming. Drought caused by normal climatic variation.
But the larger question is: Senator McCain, if Obama’s surrogates have no scruples about lying about your record, why won’t you (respectfully) tell the unvarnished truth about Obama’s?

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