Planet Gore

Hold Some of My Calls . . .

So, Sen. McCain is suspending his campaign until Congress and the Administration agree on something that Sen. McCain views as having “solved” the financial crisis. I’m not going to get into the minutiae of political cleverness behind his thrust or Obama’s parry in response and so on, as such considerations presumably were not behind the move.


I’m accepting his word that it’s just drop-everything time. Sorry, no time to debate Friday night before umpteen millions of Americans to compare foreign policy visions of him and Sen. Obama. Gotta point the laser beam on the economic mess and fulfill Senatorial duties.


Oh, wait, after he speaks on Thursday at the Clinton Global Initiative, that is, reaching a slightly smaller audience if one consisting of the right kind of people for that part of town. Barbra Streisand and Bono have RSVP’d yes.


There’s emergencies and there’s emergencies, but there’s just no passing up an opportunity to provide opening remarks for a discussion about “sustainable energy.” Good grief.

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