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World leaders reach climate change agreement (UK Telegraph)
Shorter version: World leaders agree that global climate change is happening, and that they agree to agree it’s happening (which is important, mind you!), that the U.S. should really do something—preferably something that kneecaps the U.S. economy—to stop the global warming madness now (even if it probably won’t have much of an effect). The agreement is non-binding, but if close your eyes and click your Birkenstocks three times, you’ll believe that all it takes is agreeing to agree. Don’t you agree?
Why Al Gore will be the next President of the United State (Prometheus)
Did you ever wonder how it would be possible to be both terrified and completely bored at the same time? Roger Pielke, Jr. lays out what sci-fi book jacket writers would call “a disturbing vision of the near future.”

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