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I Hate When Science — Literally — Screams at Me

An excerpt from John Kerry’s remarks at the Ross Sea Conservation reception (emphasis mine):

So climate change is coming back in a sense as a serious international issue because people are experiencing it firsthand. The science is screaming at us, literally, demanding that people in positions of public responsibility at least exercise the so-called “precautionary principle” to balance the equities and not knowing completely the outcomes at least understand what is happening and take steps to prevent potential disaster. I’ve often said to people, “What is the worst that could happen to you if you make a decision to put good energy policy in place and respond to what the science and the facts are telling us?” Well, the worst that can happen to you if you would employ a lot of people in alternative and renewable and clean energy; you would have less hospitalizations, cleaner air, more children with less asthma; and you would create an enormous number of jobs by moving to those new energy possibilities and policies and infrastructure. That’s the worst that can happen to you.

If you’re wondering how people can get through an entire John Kerry speech, Kerry himself gives the answer. His audience was — literally — drunk:

So I thank you for coming here tonight. I noticed coming in here there were a number of empty wine glasses on the tables, so I know you didn’t waste your time completely before I got here. (Laughter.) 



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