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I Showed You Mine . . .

Now you show me yours.


First came the Oregon Petition, now Marc Morano has the alarmists in full ad hominem mode, failing to address the substance of what is said and instead attacking the speakers, as usual. Given that this gentleman is now on tap to be the chief science advisor to the president — despite an hysterical track record of projecting that millions would already be dying, now, from global warming — isn’t this a very good time to finally ask for something, anything to support the ritual claim that he parrots that the vast or even overwhelming majority of scientists adhere to climate catastrophism? And frankly, anyone who seeks to misleadingly argue (or, much worse, manages to fall for the argument) that, because the media call the same few skeptics each time for their occasional “but, not everyone agrees” line, that somehow proves that skeptics are rare (as opposed to being evidence for journalistic laziness), is possessed of, at best, questionable insight — or, as in Holdren’s case, is an environmental activist more than a man of science.


The literature and other relevant developments have not been kind to this dogma for the past few years, despite alarmism being where the money is, and I’m certainly not aware of any such evidence to support the claim other than a bunch of journalists and alarmists repeating it in their best “Dear Leader” style. We know the claims about the IPCC having at least 2,000 of the “world’s leading scientists” sure isn’t the evidence, as made abundantly and, in my opinion rather humorously, in Chapter 8 of Red Hot Lies.


So. Waiting . . .


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