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Iceland is on High Alert

From the looks of it, Iceland better get the evacuation plans ready:

MARAUDING polar bears could cause terror on Iceland after experts claimed global warming could bring the killer beasts across the sea.
The alert came as police there shot two bears in just two weeks.
The animals — which are not native to Iceland — are thought to have floated across the Arctic Ocean on ice platforms which broke free from Greenland.
Climate expert Thor Jakobsson said: “Since two have reached the shore, more could be on the way.”

Thor is calling for aerial surveillance of the ice, as well, to protect the Icelandic population:

“Since two bears have already reached the shore, more could be on the way, but there’s no telling whether this trend will continue in the coming years.
“Surveillance of the drifting ice must be improved. It has obviously not been taken good care of.
“Thin and filmy ice can easily reach over the canal between Greenland and Iceland, but cannot be spotted from satellite, so planes must fly over the area regularly to locate the ice and identify the polar bears.
“It is better to know if they are on the way,” Mr Jakobson concluded.

I would think that the Viking forebears of Mr. Jakobson are rolling over in their proverbial graves right about now.

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