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If Global Warming Causes Snow, Do We Still Need to Paint Our Roofs White?

James Taranto responds to this op-ed that claims global warming causes snow:

We were out on the streets of New York last night. The whole place was white! And we haven’t run our air-conditioner since the snow started. But that’s nothing. Manhattan is roughly 1/175,000th the size of Siberia. You could paint the town red and it would absorb only a tiny fraction of the solar radiation reflected by Russia’s vast, snow-covered expanse.

If Cohen is right, global warming is its own worst enemy. Why do we need to paint the world white when “climate change” is doing it for us? More seriously, why should anyone accept a costly and coercive political agenda that is based on a simplistic account of science that in reality is complex and uncertain?

Maybe we only need to paint the world white in the summer and then repaint it black in the winter. Think of the “green” jobs this would create!


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