Planet Gore

An Inconvenient Question

Phelim McAleer, co-director/producer of “Not Evil Just Wrong” and asker of difficult questions, reportedly just had his microphone turned off as he queried Al Gore at the Society of Environmental Journalists conference in Madison, Wisc.

More on McAleer’s past tough questions here.

More Al Gore from Wisconsin:

Former Vice President Al Gore, speaking in Madison Friday morning, congratulated President Obama on his Nobel Peace Prize.

“I think it’s thrilling President Barack Obama has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize,” Gore said before his remarks to the Society of Environmental Journalists conference. “It’s an honor for him . . . it’s an honor for our country.”

“Much of what he has accomplished already is going to be far more appreciated in the eyes of history as it has been by the Nobel committee in their announcement early this morning.”

Gore, who won the Peace Prize in 2007, cited Obama’s speech to the United Nations and his “success in changing the way the world is approaching the climate crisis.”

“I think it will take some time before people put together all the different moves that linked his speech at the United Nations.”

P.S.  Low of 30°F tonight in Madison. Bundle up and don’t forget to thank Al for the cold spell.

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