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Investigate the IPCC

Andrew Wheeler, senior vice president of energy and climate change practice, B&D Consulting, writes over at

The UN IPCC has blurred the lines between science and advocacy to the point where they are unable to separate situational awareness from proposed remedies. They have been advocating for specific policy actions and ignoring the original charter of informing the public on the state of science. What is often forgotten is the fact that the UN IPCC and Al Gore won a Nobel Peace Prize, not a prize for science as their cheerleaders would lead the public to believe. Their work was not held to the scientific standard reserved for work in physics or chemistry, which is why the significant errors and a lack of peer-review process in the 4th Assessment Report should surprise no one. The IPCC has functioned more as a political body than a scientific body — one needs to look no further than the fact that its Summary for Policymakers is released months before the underlying report is finalized.

The problem, however, has greater significance than finding that another UN organization is incompetent. The IPCC has been the benchmark against which all climate science is judged. It is the foundation for the recent EPA Endangerment Finding and its conclusions are typically the jumping-off place for scientific extrapolations by other scientists, organizations, and most importantly, governments.

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