Planet Gore

It Takes Green to Go Green

I just got around to reading PowerPlus, my monthly newsletter from Austin Energy, Austin’s community-owned electric utility. In the article “New Green Power Supply Not Available,” in a section titled “Wind Power Costs are Higher,” Austin Energy writes the following about its optional green-power plan for customers:

Subscribers to a five-year GreenChoice term will pay about $43.50 a month more for green power (based on average energy use of 1,000 kWh), than for traditional power. Subscribers to the 10-year option would pay $58.50 a month more, with average energy use.

Um, no thanks. I’m good. I’ll stick to getting my power from the most reliable, most affordable sources and letting personal cost-savings spur me to make smart choices regarding my energy use. It’s served me well, considering my highest electric bill ever was $33.62, and that was for the sweltering month of August here in Central Texas.



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