Planet Gore

It’ll Never Happen Here?

The Telegraph headline and sub-hed tell it all:

Households could be forced to collect food waste in separate bins under EU plans

Every household could be forced to collect food and garden waste in separate bins from other rubbish under proposed EU laws designed to combat climate change.

As I noted in Red Hot Lies,:

It is little wonder, then, that UK citizens appear to be the first who believe in large numbers that carbon police lie in their future. They are no doubt comforted by the head of that massive nanny state’s Energy Savings Trust (seriously), who says that such heavyhandedness “need not be the case.” If people get with the program on their own, that is. (citation omitted)

I specifically recall Jim Bohannon scoffing that we would ever confront such nannying, during an interview on the book’s release. And of course, we are indeed ritually told such things as a way to dismiss what a law clearly authorizes – only to pretend to be surprised when the sages at EPA et al. follow through on their authority.

OK. But I do believe that there really are things we can learn from our European betters. Principal among them is how the “global warming” state — premised on our acquiescence in doing what they want, or else everyone dies! — cannot feasibly stop at silly, expensive light bulbs and cars, since no one claims any of that would under any set of assumptions “do something” about carbon emissions.

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