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It’s Not Stimulating Being Green

Over at Phi Beta Cons, we’ve been documenting the ludicrous demand of college administrators to take part in the nation’s coming “stimulus” orgy. Minding the Campus’s Charlotte Allen covers a new dimension to the madness: Schools must become more “green,” and need federal dollars to accomplish this.

Allen writes:

As might be expected, colleges are already gearing up “shovel-ready” green projects in order to qualify for the federal boodle. W. Richard Merriman, president of Southwestern College in Kansas, told the Chronicle of Higher Education that he had sent his facilities manager around the campus to come up with a list of to-do items ranging from replacing drafty windows to installing wind turbines. Anything dealing with wind is a favorite of the clean-energy crowd. . . .
If Obama’s green-loaded stimulus package passes and America’s colleges get their $8.7 billion or even their $3.5 billion, not only would the funds be unlikely to produce any economic growth, but they would probably produce exactly the opposite, burdening taxpayers and students with the added expense of needlessly costly construction whose only benefit is to make green enthusiasts feel good.


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