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The LA Times profiles “the radical middle.”

In case you missed it: today, the Los Angeles Times featured a few members of the self-described “non-skeptic heretic club” — scientists like Roger Pielke and Hans von Storch (a few others closer to our own orbit come to mind), who believe global warming is real and carbon dioxide contributes to it, but who see cheaper ways to mitigate detrimental effects than massive government-enforced CO2 reductions.
The Times’ Alan Zarembo offers a fairly detailed overview of Pielke’s historical analysis of hurricanes — one of Al Gore’s favorite alarmist talking points. Pielke’s research indicates that the Great Miami Hurrican of 1926 — the “Big Blow” — would cause far more damage than Katrina if it were to happen today. Hurricanes aren’t getting more destructive: they simply have more, and more expensive, real-estate development in their paths. Pielke’s answer, then, is to build less on shorelines. [I would add: if you want a home on the water, you’re free to build there — but be prepared to pay for your own flood and wind insurance, with no FEMA bailouts when the worst happens.]

Pielke acknowledges that there are enormous political hurdles to overcome with his strategy, and he recognizes that his views have made him and like-minded researchers the new pariahs of global warming.
“I’ve been accused of taking money from Exxon or being a right-wing hack,” he said. . . .
“I would characterize us as realists,” Pielke said. “Realists on what is politically possible.”

Heretics indeed.


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