Planet Gore

The Left hand biting the hand that feeds it

What’s with Harry Reid singling out GM for producing a vehicle that happens to be the same one in which he gets chauffeured around? (He, of course, claims to have been coerced into it due to the car’s superior safety.)
Doesn’t he know that GM is sponsoring online coverage of Al Gore’s “pay attention to me!” concert, complete with a breathless “concert countdown” to match the doomsday clock Rush has kindly posted in support of Al’s (most recent) assurance that we only have a decade (well, now we’re down to 8 years, 7 months, and a little under 13 days) left?  Isn’t that worth something, anything?
(And, by the way, doesn’t GM know that such sops are useless? My guess, even now: No.)


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